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Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage Village: Sreepur PO: Shahrasti Distinct: Chandpur Bangladesh

Welcome to Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage

Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage is a non-profit social organization established in the year 2014 in the village of Sreepur, post office of Shahrasti and the district of Chandpur in Bangladesh. The Orphanage provides home for the abandoned homeless and orphan children of Bangladesh.


Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage was established by the Syed Family of Shahrasti with the conviction that they have an obligation towards society at large and towards thousands of children, in particular those who are forced to live in difficult circumstances. At present Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage is running a children home in Shahrasti.


The organization has established its residential care services for children who have become orphans and live without parental care. The service offers residential care, education, health and recreational facilities to the children. Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage provides a home for these abandoned and orphaned children with the aim of providing them with basic human needs such as health services, shelter, food and above all education, love and care, so that they may have a better future.


We believe education is the only and permanent solution to poverty.


Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage wants to cooperate and collaborate with local authorities and members of the community to offer a chance in life and a new start to orphan children. We aim at giving them a first class education, access to necessary health services and above all, the opportunity to grow up healthy, happy in a safe, caring, warm and familiar environment.


Children from age 3 years to 15 years are under Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage care. Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage aspires to provide a good environment for children to grow up mentally, physically and academically.